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It is one of the largest importers of tires and batteries, both solid and dynamic. We share a powerful experience but are ready for a change. We are a young company and older in terms of experience and wisdom. We are the tire industry’s present and future. The company is distinguished by its electric growth, quick decision-making, focus, integrity and most importantly the hard work of every team member, and along the way we remain motivated and focused mostly on our relationships with the people we do business with.

Our team members, suppliers, and customers are our friends and part of the Raku Tire family, and we look forward to expanding and growing even more.
Raku Tire Company was established with a vision to change the way we conduct business in the tire and battery market in Saudi Arabia, and we have done so within a few years.

With the conquest of the market, Raku Tires has become one of the leading manufacturers of tires and batteries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are based in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, covering major cities in Saudi Arabia with retail centers and warehouses. We also sell across the Kingdom through our powerful distribution channels.

We believe in partnership, in win-win, in long-term relationships, in honesty and integrity, we believe the good man always wins. We work day and night for the brands we represent, and like to give advice and advice. We believe in providing high quality products and that the customer should always be satisfied. We look forward to making a positive impact in our society, countries and industry, and most importantly serving our customers well. Raco Tires is our motto.

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